Who we are

     4 Blue Waves is an emerging distributor of paper-based barrier packaging that is engineered for recycling.  We offer an extensive range of products such as: coffee, cold drink and ice cream cups; food, lunch and noodle boxes; paper straws; and many custom products for other packaging needs.  We are dedicated to providing quality products that reduce waste, improve recycling, and inspire solutions to environmental issues. 

What we do

     4 Blue Waves uses highly mineralized resin as an alternative to 100% plastic coatings for paper-based packaging.  This allows our products to be re-pulped through existing paper recycling equipment without any modification or additional infrastructure.  The resin also provides for superior barrier, heat seal and print performance.  As well as using up to 51% less plastic than traditional plastic coatings. 

Why we do it

     4 Blue Waves was founded by four environmentally conscious individuals with a passion to bring solutions and planet friendly alternatives to the food service industry.  Our company founders have spent years campaigning with the Surfrider Foundation to bring awareness to the plastic pollution issue that we face today.  We are now pleased to offer one solution to this ongoing issue.  Using our paper-based barrier packaging not only substantially reduces plastic, it also encourages recycling of a product that is currently not recycled.