4 Blue Waves cups with EarthCoating® use up to 51% less plastic than traditional coating.

    The mineral content in EarthCoating® displaces up to 51% of the plastic by weight that would otherwise be found in a traditional plastic (polyolefin) coating.  In addition, these cups are easy to process into recycled paper. 
    Traditionally, mixed grade paper barrier packaging applications such as paper cups, take out boxes,  folding cartons, etc. are coated with 100% polyethylene and other similar materials, which make the resulting products poor candidates for repulping because of the difficulty recyclers have processing the plastic-coated materials. By contrast, mixed grade paper barrier packaging applications made with EarthCoating® provide a great potential for post-consumer repulpability because they can be easily processed through the paper recycling stream using conventional paper recycling equipment. Paperboards with EarthCoating® offer a repulpable alternative for any polyethylene-coated paper packaging material.  Unlike traditional plastic coatings which break into large, light flakes that clog the screens during the recycling process, EarthCoating® fragments into small dense particles that are easily removed as part of the recycling process.