Respect the planet by working with us to get all communities to recycle our cups and packaging to divert valuable resources from landfills and oceans.
     Using paper-based food and beverage products made with EarthCoating® is the first step to a successful take-out recycling initiative.  Separating the paper products at the source to avoid contamination from other discarded liquids and food waste is the next step to improve the recycling value of the paper fiber.  The next step to "closing the loop" is for recyclers to accept paper products that use EarthCoating® for their barrier coating with other clean paper (like cardboard) in the stream as collectible paper fiber for recycling.
     Here is where you can help:  (1) Ask your favorite eateries, food service providers, and coffee shops to switch to products capable of being recycled and to implement collection programs to divert these materials from the general disposable waste; (2) Ask your local recyclers to accept our paper cups and food containers in the paper recycling stream.
     We are happy to talk with interested recyclers to educate them on the technical benefits of paper products using EarthCoating®.  Some recyclers may even be interested in paying for paper fiber in their recycling.  Every voice counts, and together we can make a big difference for our planet.